The Benefits Of Weight Vest Training

To the uninitiated, wearing a heavy vest may seem to be another fitness ploy to work out harder for shorter amounts of time but still get great results. However, the weighted vest was initially designed by aNavy Lieutenant namedMichael Murphy who was killed in the like of duty. He used a weighted flak jacket weighing 25 pounds to complete what he called the Body Armor routine. Stemming from his invention, other vests like the titin weighted shirt have shown up at CrossFit boxes all over the world. Lighter weighted vests can be used on a regular basis for jogging as mentioned Even if you are not a member of Crossfit, there are still several health benefits that come with incorporating a weighted vest into your workout regime.

Your health and safety must always be your primary concern. If you believe you are ready to exercise with a weighted vest, don’t start off with the heaviest vest you can find. A weight vest is worn over and around the torso to provide resistance to your movements. Many vests are designed to be able to add on or remove weight bars according to your needs. However, be aware that because the vest provides resistance, your body should be fit enough to cope with it. Using excessive weight, working with a weight vest after an injury or with a bad back is not advisable.

Having decided on the level of your fitness, the next thing to consider is the workout of the day (WOD). If you are already doing cleans. Wearing a vest is guaranteed to destabilize you for a while so consider resisting the temptation at least until you know you need to up your game. Focus on perfecting your technique and bar path before considering donning a vest to make sure you avoid all possible injuries and pain. The final point to consider is the amount of weight you will want to wear for your workout. With many vests allowing its users to vary the weights between reps, start off low and once you get a feel of the difference in how your body moves, you can up the ante.

The benefits of wearing weight vests are more vastly seen in aerobic activities and strength training than in any other regime. By carrying extra weight,you are forcing your body to need more strength, muscular endurance and oxygen. This builds your endurance over time and has been seen to have the same benefits as plyometrics in several studies. Vests also add a bit of spice to your workout, bringing you out of that exercise rut that human bodies tend to fall into once they become used to certain movements. In the long run, weight vests provide great cardiovascularan musculoskeletal benefits that translate into everyday activities. Your bones will become stronger and your heart and lungs will be able to handle higher exhaustion thresholds.

A weight vest does not come cheap; many Crossfit boxes may only have a couple. But the benefits of using one (the right way) in your regime are worth the purchase and the pain.