All You Need To Know About The Circumcision Procedure


Circumcision is a medical procedure which is carried out for baby boys. The penis of the boys is covered with a foreskin which is removed by the circumcision procedure. This is a medical or religious procedure which can be opted based on the decision of the parents of the boy. Before opting for circumcision, you could try checking out the reviews about doctors like Dr. Jill Orford who is one of the best professional surgical circumcision experts. You should follow certain aftercare measures after the circumcision procedure. The link highlights the various things that parents can expect after the circumcision procedure.

The article explains in detail the various things parents should be aware of before and after performing the circumcision procedure.

Medical Benefits
There are several medical benefits experienced by boys when they undergo the circumcision procedure. Circumcision avoids the risk of foreskin infection, urinary tract infection, sexually transmitted diseases, and a condition called phimosis; where the foreskin of the penis does not retract. Proper care of the penis during and after the surgery is essential to prevent complications. It is carried out to avoid various types of infections.

Potential Risks
Certain drawbacks and risks prevent parents to undergo circumcision for their boys. Surgical risk is the common problem which is due to the complications of the surgery. It may result in bleeding, infection, etc. There is also a chance for penile damage where the foreskin is cut too short or too long. This may result in another circumcision procedure. Blood loss is the other risk commonly faced which can be treated easily. There are also chances that the sensitivity of the tip of the penis becomes less which leads to decreased less desire for sexual pleasure. Parents fear that their boys should bear pain after the surgery. The procedure may also result in urination problems as the urinary opening becomes small. Serious complications may result in penis amputation or even death. The above potential risks influence parents to avoid circumcision for their male child.

Personal Decision
Circumcision is purely a personal decision of parents unless when doctors recommend them to perform the surgery for certain medical reasons. It is mostly performed as a religious custom in various religions. Know about the benefits and risks and come up with a wise decision after talking with your healthcare provider.

After Care
Proper aftercare should be taken after the circumcision procedure, so that your son may not suffer from other complications. Ensure that you clean the penis of your baby regularly after the surgery so that it does not result in infections. See that you change the bandage regularly. Contact your doctor immediately if you notice persistent bleeding in the penis, redness around the tip of the penis, unusual pain or if your male child does not urinate after several hours of the surgery. The above care ensures that your child is safe and prevents him from further complications.

The above are the various things that parents especially parents of the male child should be aware of before deciding to perform circumcision procedure. The rate of circumcision is reducing in the recent years, and it is up to the parents to decide to carry out the procedure for their male child.