Some Facts About Bunions And Its Treatment

Bunions Treatment

A bunion is a typical and painful health condition which can develop as a lump on the side of the foot. With this condition, patients find it hard to walk like other healthy individuals. As per the experts at the popular bunion treatment in Garland TX clinic, wearing the wrong type of shoes can be one of the leading causes of this health condition. The impact of the bunion can surely put an additional strain on the muscles as well as the bones of the feet. You want to get More Information about this unique health condition, can read this short write up and get benefitted.

According to a few medical findings, bunions are known to be the most common issues related to foot among adults. An interesting fact is that this health condition is more predominantly seen in women than in men. The first symptom of emerging bunion condition is well understood when the big toe begins to peep towards the second finger. Medically this condition is called as ‘hallux valgus’ which denotes the growth of big toe towards the second toe. The term ‘hallux’ indicates a big toe, while the term ‘valgus’ pointing towards the other toe. With this condition, the big toe bends towards the other toes and thereby making the bones to move away to the side.

In general, the formation of a bunion may not show any earlier symptoms, and in a few cases, it can cause some pain at the toe joint. In a few instances, one can experience a swollen big toe. Such symptoms will slowly make the patient walk with difficulty, and also one can find it hard in getting a right pair of shoe. Wearing the shoes with this condition may result in making bunion reddish and gets even worse because of constant rubbing. As the days progress, a fluid sac will be formed which is known as bursa which can cause bursitis which is painful with a swelling on the skin.

Treatment for bunions varies in accordance with its severity and other health conditions. In general, a podiatrist, (foot-doctor) may prescribe appropriate shoes and will advise the patients to wear such shoes with the help of shoe inserts or padding. Painkillers are given to reduce the pain and to ease out the bunion. If things are positive, these experts suggest surgery to correct the big toe and the bunion growth. Treatment is different for the patients who suffer bunion due to arthritis. In such cases, steroid injections are recommended and given into the toe joint. However, the medical expert will decide the right treatment according to the other health conditions of the patient.

Patients who suffer from bunions should use the right footwear as recommended by the foot doctor. It is strictly advised not to use shoes with high heels which can worsen the situation. Wearing the prescribed shoes will undoubtedly offer some comforts to the suffering patients. For quick relief, one can use ice cubes on the swollen area, and it is better to apply indirectly as the direct application can damage the skin.